Frequently Asked Questions

I have searched your website and can't find more specifics on your products, where can I find this information?

Specifics, such as pricing, product information and availability, via the Internet, is made available exclusively to D.M. Website Members. However, if you are a Reseller, you can always give us a call at 1-800-548-6784 and we will be happy to share information about our products with you.


How do I become a D.M. Website Member?

Call our Sales Department at 1-800-548-6784 and mention that you want to become a Website Member. Existing D.M. customers, depending on their type of account, will generally be granted access within one business day. New D.M. customers will generally be granted access within 2 business days.


I am not a current customer, but would like to see your products via the Internet. Do I really need to be a customer to take a peek?

Yes, you must be a qualified customer to access the confidential information regarding our product line via the Internet. Again, we are only a phone call away, so if you need answers today, we are ready to oblige.


So are you saying that I have to purchase from D.M. before I can gain access to your website?

Yes, "purchasing" is a prerequisite to become a D.M. Customer. If you are not yet a customer of D.M. Merchandising, you are in for a refreshing experience! The qualification process is simple; we will do most of the work for you! Once you are a customer of D.M., you will have access to a staff of seasoned & knowledgeable veterans who can quickly size up your type business and align you with product that will assist you in making both the margins you need and one of the best inventory turn rates in the industry. That, coupled with low minimums, is the reason why our customers order more often from D.M. than most other merchandise vendors. We help you sell through! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call 1-800-548-6784.


Why do I have to be a D.M. Customer to gain access, can't you just give me a temporary password?

No, in order to better serve our customers, we have built our website to provide one of the most personalized and purposeful business-to-business experiences possible. You will better understand this by reading the next Question & Answer.


If I do become a member, what should I expect to see on D.M.'s website?

We'll mention just a few benefits of what D.M. Website Members are able to do:

  • Experience the Wholesale Industry's Fastest and Easy-To-Use Online Order System in the World!
  • Express Call Back Messaging. Members will be able to message any D.M. employee through the website and can expect a fast response or call.
  • Gain access to "real time" product availability
  • Review all ordering and accounting history of your account
  • Track Shipments
  • Have access to "limited quantity one-time" D.M. Website Member Only deals
  • Access to "meaningful" resources that will assist you in areas such as: Employee Training, Merchandising Pointers, Pricing Strategies, and much more.


If I buy online, do I have to pay online?

No, since all members are customers, your terms will be established and you will not need to share credit card, checking or other specific information on-line.


Are all D.M. customers going to eventually have to use this website to order from D.M.?

Absolutely not! D.M. is a people company and will always be a people company. If you want to order over the phone, via fax, at a show or whatever, D.M. will accommodate.