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Trend Report: Hello Mello® Dyes The Limit Collection

Boost your bottom line up to 143%!

If you thought loungewear was popular before, nothing could have prepared you for this skyrocketing trend that's too comfy not to stick around. Except maybe our best-selling brand, Hello Mello. If you're already a loyal lounger, keep reading for behind-the-scenes content on our new Dyes The Limit Collection. If you haven't carried our loungewear, the time is now.


Here's why. Forbes reports that pants sales are down 14% in favor of comfier options, and pajama sales are up a staggering 143%! Your customers are at home and with or without you, they're getting cozier than ever. 


So what makes Hello Mello stand out in a sea of stretchy comfort? As usual, it's the little things that make the DM Difference. Starting with our signature soft fabric, we design each piece with thoughtful details like brunch-friendly waistbands, mug-ready thumbholes and satisfyingly roomy pockets.


And there's details for you, too. All Hello Mello items are packaged in a matching drawstring pouch that's perfect for travel, storage and gift-giving. Add in our complimentary branded displays and you've got a boutique pop-up in any store from hardware to Hallmark.


Still not sold on Hello Mello? Good! We haven't even gotten to the fun part - style and design. Our buying team does extensive trend research to ensure that you're always selling the latest and greatest. This season it's tie dye, and it's no longer just for Janis. According to Oprah Magazine, "interest in 'tie dye loungewear' is up by 5,000 percent since last year". Yeah, we said 5,000%.


It's no wonder to us. Tie dye is a celebrated technique that originated in ancient India, where thread and dye were used to create beautifully intricate patterns. Tie dye as we're used to it popped up in the 1920s as an affordably unique way to decorate clothes and home. In the swinging 60s tie dye became a way to show off your creativity, before splashing the runway in color during 80s high fashion. 


Today, it's hand-dyed signature softness that's totally unique to you. Our new Dyes The Limit Collection is meant to uplift and inspire with three gorgeous shades of swirling blues and pink. But it's not enough to participate in trends, we aim to set them. That's why each piece is 100% hand-dyed, so every one of your customers takes home a completely unique design. 


So, let's recap. Loungewear and pajama sales are up by over 100% since last year, with interest in tie dye loungewear up by 5,000%! With Hello Mello comfort details and unmatched merchandising, the sky really is the limit with our new collection of hand-dyed tie dye loungewear. 


Shop Dyes The Limit online or contact a Sales Associate at 800.548.6784 for more information.


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