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Insider Insights Series: Artistry in Action

Industry Expert Myles Marks on Crafting Success in 2023 & 2024

NAME: Myles Marks

DEPARTMENT: Creative & Import

ROLE: Chief Creative Officer


What kind of projects did your department tackle in 2023 to benefit our customers?

MM: In theory, all projects that the Creative Team works on are for our customers’ benefit and success. DM was built on the philosophy that everything we do revolves on what will benefit our customers, and what the Creative Team does directly impacts a customer’s success. My team is responsible for developing the products our customers sell in their stores, including any packaging and displays that go along with those products. There’s a lot of teamwork between Buyers, Artists and Copywriters to ensure that every product we do is market researched and thoughtfully executed through design. In other words, from the minute a product is conceptualized, our team works on figuring out the best way for it to sell. Our focus is always on making sure our retail partners thrive.


What’s the biggest takeaway for retailers you have from 2023?

MM: Continuous evolution. Successful retailers embrace the power of adaptability and flexibility.  When retailers are responsive and in-tune with market changes and customer preferences, they’re able to cater to shifting demands and foster customer loyalty in this ever-changing industry.


What DM product or brand are you most excited about for spring and summer? (and why)

MM: Ha! This is like asking a father to choose his favorite child. But, if I have to choose, I’m particularly excited for the expansion of our super popular Night Scope line. Night Scope is known for the Rechargeable LED Beanie, and this season we’re adding an LED sling and baseball cap with a magnetized light inside the brim.

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What industry trends have you noticed emerging for 2024?

MM: One major trend I've noticed is the rise of fun and whimsy in product design. This goes beyond just aesthetics; it's about infusing products with personality and charm to create deeper connections with consumers. The industry’s been shifting towards products that are not only functional but also evoke emotions and make people smile. Whether it's fun and unique characters, playful patterns, or witty messaging, there's a growing emphasis on adding a touch of personality to everyday items. This trend isn't limited to self-purchase; it's also resonating strongly in the gifting market. Consumers are seeking out gifts that are not only practical but reflect the recipient's personality. Everywhere is leaning towards creating products that speak to the heart, forge meaningful connections, and spread a little laughter.


DM is turning 35 this year! How long have you been with DM?

MM: I’m entering my 19th year with DM Merchandising.


What do you expect from DM in the next 35 years?

MM: It’s cheesy to say, but in the next 35 years I expect DM to soar to even greater heights. We anticipate sustained success fueled by innovation, strategic growth initiatives, and an unwavering commitment to creative excellence. Our goal is to push boundaries, inspire the industry, and continue evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. With a relentless drive for improvement, we're poised to make a lasting impact for decades to come.


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