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Tips on Getting Your Retail Store Ready for the Holiday Season

The holidays are a magical time of year filled with twinkling lights, festive music and the chaotic, yet joyful, energy of holiday shoppers. For retail store owners, it’s the season of opportunities, jingling cash registers and the occasional, “Do you have this in a smaller size?” shouted from a fitting room.  
With the promise of increased foot traffic and sales, it’s crucial to prepare your store for the festive rush. Our top three priorities when prepping for the holidays are decorations and layout, hiring more staff and holiday scheduling. 

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Decorating and Layout: Deck The Halls 
Let’s face it – the right atmosphere can make even the grumpiest Scrooge feel jolly. You can use a theme like Winter Wonderland or North Pole Toy Workshop to transform your store with a vibrant window display, tinsel garlands and twinkling lights. Displays are your best holiday marketing tool, so it’s best to include some of your products throughout. If your space allows for it, a Christmas tree or tower of gift-wrapped boxes is always a good focal point! 
While decking the halls is important, you should optimize your store's layout to ensure a smooth flow of customers. Create clear pathways with your best deals and must-have holiday items right where shoppers can't miss them. Be mindful of creating comfortable spaces for browsing, with enough room for people to move freely and maintain social distancing if required. It's important to remember that people want to shop, not run an obstacle course! 

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Hiring More Staff: Santa’s Little Helpers 
There’s so much prepping and planning that goes into the holidays, and chances are good your regular staff will need some help. That’s where the magical elves (AKA seasonal or temporary staff) come in! Customer service is crucial during this time, and having cheerful and helpful employees can make all the difference. To provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers, be sure that all staff are well-trained and knowledgeable about your products. Your seasonal staff should be able to successfully keep the shelves stocked, assist customers, and maintain the holiday spirit. 

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Holiday Scheduling: Sleigh All Day 
Between extended hours, Black Friday sales and other special events, holiday scheduling can seem like a retail version of Christmas with the Kranks. Remember, preparation is key! Plan your holiday promotions, discounts, and special events well in advance and communicate them with your staff to avoid last-minute conflicts. 
We suggest a holiday scheduling plan that considers your employees' preferences. After all, they're your most valuable assets, and keeping them happy keeps your customers happy. Just make sure you have enough coverage during peak shopping hours, so your staff doesn’t feel burnt out. Your schedule should leave everyone a little time to rest, recharge and enjoy their own holiday festivities! 

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The Wrap Up: To All A Good Night 
Overall, prepping your retail store for the holidays is about creating an inviting atmosphere, ensuring you have the necessary workforce, and having a well-thought-out scheduling plan. Enter this season ready to handle the holiday rush and provide an unforgettable shopping experience that keeps customers coming back year after year. 
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Here's to a holiday season filled with laughter, cheer, and overflowing cash registers – may your store be merry and your sales be bright! 
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