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FAQ For Sales/CSR

Step 1:


  • Log Into Account
  • Left Click Your Name In The Upper Right Corner
  • Left Click "My Profile"





Step 2:


On Bottom Left Pane, Click On Manage Users






Step 3:


You are now on the "Manage Users" Page


Left Click "Add New User" In The Upper Right, Just Below The Search Bar





Step 4:


You are now on the "Add User" Page


  • Fill In The Name And Email Address Of The additional User
  • To make this easy, Click On The Eyeball In The Password Box
  • Create a password that is:
    • At least 8 or more characters
    • Contains an upper case letter
    • Contains a lower case letter
    • Contains a number
  • If there is onlly one ship-to, the address is set
  • If More Than One Ship Location, choose the primary location you want your user to ship to, you can add additional locations later






Then Click "Save"






Step 5:


You are now back on the "Manage Users" Page


Locate the new user and Click On "Edit"





Step 6:


You are now on the "Edit User" Page


Check to make sure there is a checkmark by at least one shipping address


If you wish to add rights to ship to more than one shipping address, add those shipping addresses now.






Click Save





Step 7:


The user is now setup, the next step is to send your new user a password reset invite:


  • Left Click On Your Name In Upper Right Corner
  • Left Click On "Logout"






Step 8:



You are now logged out of website


Left Click On "Sign In" in Upper Right Hand Corner; Above The Magnifying Glass





Step 9:


You are now on the "LogIn" Page


Click on "Reset Password" located to the right of the "Sign In" button






Step 10:


You are now on the "LogIn" Page


Left Click On "Reset Password" located to the right of the "Sign In" button






Step 11:


You are now on the "Reset Password" Page


  • Type In Your New User's Email Address
  • Click On "Send Link"






You are now on the "Success Page"


Your new user will be receiving an email requesting that they reset their password.

Did They Forget Password? 

  • To expedite, email this link:  https://www.247dm.com/Authentication/ForgotPassword 
  • Otherwise, walk customer through as follows
  • Click On "Sign In" located in upper right hand corner.
  • Click On Reset Password next to "Sign In" button
  • They are now on the Reset Password page
  • If they registered with that email; they will be emailed a link to reset their password
  • If they are not a registered web customer, they will see a "User not found" message
  • Ask if they possibly used a different email address; and to enter that email address on the Reset Password page

All FAQ's below are accessible to all website visitors.

If appropiate, to expedite, email the following link:




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