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Five Winter Wonderland Window Display Ideas to Captivate Shoppers

According to Statista, 57% of holiday shopping for the 2022 season is expected to be done online vs. 42% in 2015. While it used to be the case that more consumers did their holiday shopping in person, the tides have since turned. That means your brick-and-mortar store might need to work a little harder to make a sale. Worry not! We’re here to help you turn foot traffic into profit.


Of course, you can (and should) think about what you can do online to increase your brand awareness and drive people to your store. But you shouldn’t forget about the power that a creative winter window display can have on capturing shoppers’ attention. It’s with that in mind that we offer you the following window display ideas for winter. 

1. Create a Scene

Create a winter-themed scene to showcase your holiday items! There are many ways you can do this, from decorated cardboard cutouts of buildings to faux snow, paper snowflakes and a field of Christmas trees. If you’re not offering festive wares, it’s still a good strategy! Holiday scenes signal to customers they can find gifts inside and that shopping in your store will be a positive, uplifting experience. The goal is to create a backdrop that sells winter spirit, even if your products aren’t seasonal by nature.

2. Use Ornaments & Balls

Ornaments are classic holiday decorations, and you can use them as window decorations in various ways in your Christmas display or winter window store display. Try stringing them together like garland, placing oversized ornaments on your display floors, or hanging them on trees in traditional fashion.

3. Go 2D With Holiday Decals

Holiday windows don’t need to be complex (or even three-dimensional) to be effective at getting the attention of passersby. Add a touch of color with decals in the shape of iconic winter display design symbols like trees, gifts, or snowflakes. Just remember your target audience and let your imagination fly!

4. Light it Up

As Shopify notes, “Lighting can create moods, highlight certain products over others, and establish a dramatic setting for your store window display. Being strategic with lighting can pay dividends in helping you get your focal point right on and directing onlooker’s eyes to where you want them.”


When it comes to winter window display ideas, or any window display idea for that matter, the right lighting can make or break the overall effectiveness of the display. Luckily, retail winter window displays can easily feature lighting as a prominent part of the story or scene – just think of Christmas lights hanging from the roof of a nativity scene or a simple spotlight on your featured product. 

Final Thoughts

One-half of your winter displays are the background, but what goes in the foreground – your product – is equally important. Your product is, after all, what you’re ultimately looking to sell. 


Think strategically about what you want your audience to buy this winter and place that in your winter window displays. Use the scene you set to convey welcoming holiday cheer or enhance your featured product. Getting customers in the door can be the hardest part of retailing, but if you believe in your inventory and design a nice holiday experience for customers, they just might be in the gift buying spirit.


Remember that when you buy from DM, our holiday, gift and everyday products come ready to sell in eye-catching packaging, complimentary displays, and more! Let us take some of the guesswork out of visual merchandising so you can focus on creating your amazing winter display window.


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