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Wholesale Trends

Wholesale Trends You Don't Want to Miss

The wholesale fashion industry is constantly evolving. With new wholesale trends emerging between different colors, patterns and styles, it can be challenging for retailers to decide what to stock their stores with. The question is, how can you be certain that you’re always providing merchandise your customers will love?
DM Merchandising is here to help you stay on top of wholesale trends, so you can offer customers the products they want and need. We’ve mapped out several wholesale fashion trends to help you fill your store with high-quality merchandise that’s proven to sell!
1. Loungewear 
Today, it’s all about feeling comfortable. As more and more people spend time at home, loungewear’s become a major fashion distribution among customers. More individuals are looking for loungewear that makes them feel both comfy and stylish. Your goal as a retailer should be curating a shop that is intriguing to customers, so stocking up on loungewear is a must!
At 247DM.com, we offer soft and comfy loungewear from Hello Mello, one of our signature brands. From cozy joggers and plush pajamas to sleep shirts and satin separates, we have all the loungewear you need to lure homebodies into your store!
2. Activewear 
The market for activewear has evolved from a niche, sports-related category to a popular look fondly referred to as athleisure. If you’re wondering what athleisure is, picture all the people you’ve seen who wear yoga pants or joggers to run errands, grab coffee and more! Customers love activewear because it makes them feel productive, confident and cute. Customers can dress to their personalities and express themselves through different patterns and colors, making activewear a particularly popular fashion distribution industry.
Adding activewear to your inventory is a great way to draw customers to your store and keep them coming back. Through our signature brand, FITKICKS, we offer bike shorts, leggings, joggers, tank tops and so much more!
3. Cardigans, Wraps, & Ponchos
Cardigans, wraps and ponchos are a classic wholesale trend that will never go out of style. Whether it’s a traditional cardi, a cozy poncho or trendy wrap, customers can stay warm with an extra layer they can dress up or down. No matter what type of retail store you own, carrying these items will help you curate a strong product selection!
Investing in these styles during the cooler months will likely bring you the most sales. However, we love cardigans, wraps and ponchos because they can be worn year-round! Through our brand Allthreads, we carry lightweight wraps and kimonos that are perfect for beach days and sunny afternoons.
4. Accessories
Last but not least, accessories are an excellent way for your customers to enhance their outfits and their confidence. Hats, jewelry and bags are wholesale trends that add more character, detail and style to any look. If you want new products that will fly off the shelves, accessories are one of the best ways to go.
At DM, we carry a wide selection of fashion-forward accessories your customers will love. To make things even better for you as a retailer, we develop our products to sell. Our Britt’s Knits cold weather knit accessories, Kedzie bags and wallets and Soul Stacks fine jewelry are retail-proven; you’ll be restocking before you even know it!
Looking for trending products to add to your retail shop? Browse our collection of new products today! 247DM.com is your one-stop-shop for shelf-ready products designed to help you succeed.